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Yes! For the first time, here is a collaborative website on everything La Famille Passiflore (Bellflower Bunnies and Beechwood Bunny Tales). Any fan like you can create or edit entries about this franchise, so we can all work together to create the site.

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About This Franchise

Beechwood Bunny Tales is a long-running series of children's books by French authors Geneviève Huriet and Amélie Sarn, with illustrations by Loïc Jouannigot. The books have been published since 1987 by Éditions Milan in their native France; an English version from Gareth Stevens appeared during 1991 and 1992.

As of March 2021, over 30 books have been written for the franchise, with more than 750,000 copies sold. Their success led to an animated TV series, The Bellflower Bunnies, that debuted on TF1 in December 2001.

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Book series: Beechwood Bunny Tales
TV series: The Bellflower Bunnies

† Seen only on the TV show.
†† Seen only in the books.
‡ Appears only in Violette's Daring Adventure.

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