Le premier bal d'Agaric Passiflore
Written by Geneviève Huriet
Illustrations by Loïc Jouannigot
Leading / title character Periwinkle
Characters Bellflower family
The Wood Pigeon
The Wise Old Owl
TV episode "Periwinkle's First Dance" (2.7)
Publishing information
Publication order (List of books)
Dandelion's Vanishing Vegetable Garden

Periwinkle at the Full Moon Ball (French: Le premier bal d'Agaric Passiflore) is the first book in the Beechwood Bunny Tales series. It was originally published by France's Éditions Milan in 1987, and in the United States by Gareth Stevens in 1991. In its native country, the book won the Prix Saint-Exupéry for 1988,[1] and the Prix de la Ville de Paris for its author.[2]

In the story, Periwinkle, one of the five Bellflower children, learns of the summertime Full Moon Ball that will soon take place in the community of Beechwood Grove. Unlike the other rabbits in his family, he cannot dance, and this makes him sad. But, with the help of a conniving magpie, Magda, and a wood pigeon and a frog (Rainette) as his teachers, he soon learns how to do so in a couple of days.

On the night of the Ball, Periwinkle takes centre stage with his moves, unaware of Madga's plan: the whole of Beechwood is supposed to laugh at him in embarrassment. However, a white owl in the audience exposes the magpie's trick. Recognising his steps, she asks Periwinkle to dance them again, much to the joy of his family and the other rabbits. He continues until dawn, when the Bellflowers return home.


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