from The Bellflower Bunnies
Species Rabbit
Also known as Pomy(Spanish version)
First appeared in Love at First Sight
Relatives Norbert(stepbrother)
Love interests Poppy

Pammy is a rabbit who appears in 2 episodes of The Bellflower Bunnies, she appears on Love at First Sight and on Moonstone. She is Poppy´s girlfriend, and maybe she is older than him(is a little taller).

In Love at First SightEdit

In this episode, after Poppy negates to investigate about love couples on the town for his siblings´newspaper, Poppy decides to investigate about a "mysterious thief" on the town. While interviewing the habitants, Poppy passes by a house, and, when checking it, Pammy appears. After telling Pammy about the thief, she decides to help Poppy. But, when the other Bellflowers´plan fails, they accidentally passes by Pammy´s house, and discovers Poppy and Pammy. Then Violette suggests they are in love, and probably they want to kiss each other, so the Bellflower´s decide to spy them. Meanwhile, Poppy and Pammy, while eating, they accidentally hold hands and both smile. Later on the episode, Poppy wakes up suddently on the middle of the night after seeing a shadow in his house. He runs to Pammy´s house, and, after waking her up, he tells her about the shadow. Pammy promises him she will find the thief, and kisses Poppy on the forehead. The other Bellflowers were spyiong them and Mistletoe taked a photo when Pammy kissed Poppy, but, to his dismay, discovers that the camera had no roll. Soon, another night, they finally discover the thief, who results to be, ¡Pammy!. She admits that she was stealing because her mother was sick, and, after that, Pammy leaves the town. A few days after, Poppy receives a letter from Pammy, saying that she loves him and she wants to come back.

In MoonstoneEdit

A year after the events of the previous episode, Pammy returns to see Poppy with her stepbrother Norbert and Poppy prepares a rocket ready to fly to the moon. He is very happy. Violette helps him, and her good advices seems to work. But, because of Norbert, Poppy grows jealous, and when Pammy discovers that, she decides to break up with Poppy. To show Pammy that he loves her, Poppy decides to fly to the moon. But, when a problem on the rocket menaces to destroy it, Papa Bramble rescues Poppy from the danger. He hasn't been at moon...

Later in the episode, Poppy told Pammy that he loves her. And what he discover? She loves him, too!  If he hurts Norbert or his family, she denyed him. Then, they both reconciliate, happy to be together again, Poppy and Pammy promising to always be together... 


Norbert is a Pammy's stepbrother, because her mother married his dad and they live in the same house in Blueberry Hill. They're a happy family.