(La Pie)
from Beechwood Bunny Tales
and The Bellflower Bunnies
Species Magpie
First appeared in Book:
Periwinkle at the Full Moon Ball
"Room to Move" (1.1)
Notable appearances Book:
Periwinkle at the Full Moon Ball
"Room to Move"
"Le premier bal d'Agaric" (2.7)
Quotes "A word from a magpie is a word from a friend." ("Room to Move")

Magda is a magpie, and one of the first characters to be seen in both Beechwood Bunny Tales and The Bellflower Bunnies. In the first book, Periwinkle at the Full Moon Ball, the character is described as a "thief, busybody and trickster."[1]

In the booksEdit

Early in the same book, Magda gives Periwinkle some dance lessons from the Wood Pigeon and Rainette the frog, just in time for the Full Moon Ball. Magda plans to make the rabbit an embarrassment to his family, but in the book's last moments, the Wise Old Owl exposes the magpie's crafty plans after Periwinkle is asked to do his moves again, in front of the spectators. None of the audience cares about her, much less notice, when she slinks back home.[2]

On the showEdit

Magda reprises her role, and her stunt, in "Le premier bal d'Agaric," the TV episode adaptation.

In "Room to Move," the debut episode of the series, she once again comes to Periwinkle and tells him about the "Blueberry Ghost" that is supposedly haunting the Bellflowers' new home. Unknown to them, she actually sets this up to scare the family away.

As the end credits begin, she scurries away with luggage in her wings.

Magda, and the Blueberry Ghost scheme, do not appear in Family Moving Day, the original book on which this was based.


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